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It is not in as much as in our possessions as lies in our possessiveness, that makes all the difference. Long after our possessions are gone; possessiveness still remains. This is how samskaras and vasanas arise out of one or more life times. Subtle, intangible yet persistent and powerful.

All it takes is the right conditions for the seeds to sprout. Making our thoughts far more automated than deliberate.Like the wind which blows cannot be seen, only felt and the energy behind the air to become wind cannot be comprehended, so also our samskaras are far too subtle to be realized.

Energy or shakti, like electricity and magnetism cannot be seen but only channelized. Every desire is a cause for manifestation. Through the journey of our lifetimes, we move from one body to another only linking the causes relevant to our experience in one particular life time.

This is known as prarabdh karma or only that part of karma out of the total sanchit karma which we may experience in one particular birth.It is when we are born, the planets, as they stand configured in our solar system, provide a comprehensive map that speaks about us. The story of our lives begins to unfold, thus scripted in the heavens, through the vast expanse of time and space.

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